Condicions for car rental

You need a credit card to rent a car!

Important: With SUNgo you rent cheaper. Because of this you have to show the rental voucher at destination. Without the voucher you may be have to pay more. we will not be responsible in this case.

  1. Minimum age is 21 years, except if the car description is different.
  2. A second driver ist mostly included
  3. All driven Kilometers are included.
  4. Insurances are included, see details at car description.
  5. Airportservice is gratis, Hotel delivery sometimes.(see car description).
  6. The minimum rental period is mostly 1 day.
  7. One rental day has 24 hours.
  8. a) Payment: Depending on country, there are different options: If you rent a car for italy, you have to pay a deposit of 20 % at time of online booking. This can be made by credit card or bank transfer. All other countries including spain, you pay at arriving.
    b) Cancellation: If you need to cencel your booking, you can do this for free, if you bought the cancellation insurance for the price of 4,90 Euro. If you do not pick up your car, without cancellation, full payment is requiered.
  9. Nach absenden Ihrer Reservierung erhalten Sie teilweise direkt die Besttigung/ den Gutschein zum ausdrucken. Einige Fahrzeugkategorien mssen beim Vermieter rckbesttigt werden, um eine 100% sichere Lieferung vor Ort zu gewhrleisten. Dies geschieht in der Regel innerhalb von 24 Std. durch uns per E-Mail.
  10. All rentals are for categories, not for exact car typ and models.

  11. Bonus, gift codes Please contact support if you got any gift code or special bonus